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Our smart metering service is brought to you in association with Starkan Elexon accredited electricity Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly Data Collector/Data Aggregator and an ASPCoP accredited gas meter reader.

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Energy Management

ESS Smart Metering Service

Take control of your costs with our smart metering subscription service:

AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) long since applied to half hourly supplies will become obligatory across all classes of electricity meters by 2020.  In order to phase in these changes the latest requirement is for all non-half hourly supplies in profile classes 05 to 08 (so called maximum demand meters) to be settled on the half hourly market by April 2017 OR 45 days after any contract renewal post 5th November 2015. 

Remaining compliant is one thing but automatic meter reading can provide more than simply the data to enable your supplier to raise accurate bills.  All metering carries a cost which is paid through your bill or, in the case of existing half hourly supplies, through a meter operator agreement or MOP. 

Appointing your own meter operator provides the opportunity to control those costs and in addition to have independent and uninterrupted access to the consumption data on line in a wide variety of graphical and tabular formats.

  • View and analyse all consumption data – electricity, gas or water.
  • Find out where, how much and when an organisation is using energy - across all utilities 
  • Create budgets and targets for every site
  • Produce multi-site comparison reports to motivate or incentivise staff. 
  • Receive alarms when predetermined consumption levels are exceeded.

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